Peavey Invective 120 Head

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Guitarists with heavier tastes looking for their next upgrade will find a sturdy solution in the new Peavey® invective.120 Head.

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Guitarists with heavier tastes looking for their next upgrade will find a sturdy solution in the new Peavey® invective.120 Head.

This multi-channel amp head is perfectly suited for players to achieve the most revered metal sounds, from woody and clean to the most extreme of high gain tones.

A tube amp only sounds as good as what’s inside, and Peavey’s invective.120 delivers quality with four matched JJ 6L6GC output tubes with top-loaded bias test points and adjustment. On the rear panel, players will find paralleled speaker outputs with impedance selector, an MSDI direct output with Level/Tone/Ground Lift, MIDI out/thru, and MIDI footswitch input. The included footswitch has nine presets to further help the player achieve their desired tone. A remote switchable rack loop and effects loop, half-power switch, and two 9VDC at 500mA auxiliary power jacks complete the back panel.

On the front panel, even more options and advanced control features are available. The invective.120 Head has a single input with four key channels: Clean channel with boost drive and tone; (very) Clean channel with gain/low/mid/high/post; Lead/Crunch channel input with muting gate threshold; and Lead/Crunch channel with boost level and tone. All channels, as well as the channel select with bullet LEDs, are remote switchable. Both the Lead and Crunch channels have independent pre- and post-gain controls as well as shared low/mid/high EQ. The standby and power switches with blue jeweled pilot light indicate when the amp is ready. Just adjust the Master Resonance, Presence and Volume knobs, and it’s ready to rock.


Single input
Master Resonance
Master Presence
Master Volume
Shared Low/Mid/High EQ on Lead/Crunch channels
Power and Standby switches
MIDI / Footswitch Input
MIDI Out/Thru
2 x 9VDC at 500mA Auxiliary power jacks
Rack Loop (remote switchable)
Independent Pre and Post Gain controls on Lead and Crunch channels
Effects Loop (remote switchable)
Lead/Crunch channel Boost Level & Tone (remote switchable)
MSDI Direct Output with Level/Tone/Ground Lift
Lead/Crunch channel input muting Gate Threshold (remote switchable)
Paralleled speaker outputs with Impedance Selector
Channel select with "bullet" LEDs (remote switchable)
Half Power switch
Clean channel Gain/Low/Mid/High/Post – VERY CLEAN
4 Matched JJ6L6GC output tubes
Clean channel Boost Drive & Tone (remote switchable)
Top-loaded bias test points and adjustment
Blue Jeweled Pilot Light

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