IK Multimedia UNO Synth

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True analog synthesizer. Easily programmable.

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True analog synthesizer. Easily programmable. Ultra-portable.

The ultimate real analog synth for everyone
UNO Synth is the ultimate portable, monophonic, true analog synthesizer and IK Multimedia?s entry in the hardware synthesizer world.

UNO Synth Specifications

Type: Analog
Polyphony: 1 voice
Synthesis structure: 2 VCO, Noise generator, 1 VCF, 1 VCA, 2 EG, 1 LFO
VCO variable shape waveforms: Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse with variable pulse width
VCF: 2-pole resonant multimode filter with Cutoff, Resonance, Env Amount, Drive
LFO: 7 shapes (Sine, Triangle, Square, Saw Up, Saw Down, Random, Sample & Hold), Rate
Modulation Destinations: Amp, Pitch, Filter, PWM, Waveshape (PWM and Waveshape via MIDI CC)
EG: 2 for Filter and Amplitude (full ADSR is available via MIDI)

100 Presets (20 factory non-writable, 80 user)

Keyboard and controls
7 Knobs (4 matrix, 3 fixed)
13 Selectable scales (Chromatic, Major, Minor, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Major Blues, Minor Blues, Harmonic Minor, Mixolydian, Dorian, Klezmer, Hungarian Gypsy, Spanish Gypsy, Japanese, South-East Asian)

16-step sequencer
Real-time and step recording with parameter recording
Real-time parameter recording per-step
3 directions: Forward, Backward, Forward and Backward
Selectable length between 1 and 16 steps

10 Mode Arpeggiator
4 octave range
Hold control

Dive, Scoop, Vibrato, Wah, Tremolo

Audio Out: Mini-jack 3.5mm stereo (mono summed)
Audio In: Mini-jack 3.5mm stereo (mono summed)
2 x MIDI 2.5mm mini-jack to DIN cables (IN/OUT)
1 Micro USB

4x AA Batteries
Micro USB connector

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