Ibanez TQM1-NT (Natural) Elgitarr med hardcase, Tom Quayle Signature inkl. hardcase

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TQM1-NT. (Natural) Elgitarr med hardcase, Tom Quayle Signature.

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TQM1-NT. (Natural) Elgitarr med hardcase, Tom Quayle Signature.

Ibanez is pleased to announce that one of UK’s preeminent Jazz/Fusion virtuosos, Tom Quayle, has joined the Ibanez team. His new signature model, the TQM1, is based on the newest series from Ibanez, the AZ model. Born to family of musicians, it was natural for Tom to pick up a guitar
and practice to develop his skill. This environment helped broaden his view in music and guitar playing. While beginning as a jazz player, Tom eventually discovered fusion music, which led to him to incorporate legato and hybrid picking styles into his own trademark playing style. Since then,
Tom’s reputation as one of guitar’s most versatile and talented players has become common knowledge in the guitar community. TQM1 features Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups in an S-S-H configuration, directly mounted onto the body without a pickguard.
The body top is made with Monkeypod, finished in Natural gloss. The AZ’s roasted Maple neck with 22 stainless steel frets further strengthens his borderless capability.

• AZ Oval C S-TECH WOOD roasted maple 1pc neck.
• Super All Access Neck Joint.
• Newly developed Seymour Duncan/Ibanez collaboration pickups.
• dyna-MIX 9 switching system w/Alter switch.
• Ibanez T1802 synchronized bridge w/Titanium saddles (made by Gotoh ®).
• Gotoh ® Magnum Lock machine heads w/H.A.P.

• AZ Oval CS-TECH wood roasted Maple 1 pc neck.
• S-TECH wood roasted Maple fretboard w/black dot inlay.
• Luminescent side dot inlay.
• Jumbo Stainless steel frets w/Prestige Fret Edge Treatement.
• Monkeypod top on Alder body
• Ibanez T1802 bridge (Gotoh)
• Seymour Duncan Hyperion (S) neck pickup.
• Seymour Duncan Hyperion (S) mid. pickup.
• Seymour Duncan Hyperion (H) bridge pickup.
• Chrome hardware.
• Hardcase

• 648mm/25.5” mensur.
• Bredd vid sadel: 42mm.
• Bredd vid 24 band: 56.4mm.
• Tjocklek vid första band: 20.5mm.
• Tjocklek vid 12 band: 22.5mm.
• Radius: 305mmR.

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