Darkglass Microtubes 500 Basförstärkare

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Microtubes 500 Basförstärkare

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Microtubes 500 Basförstärkare



Connect your instrument via a standard ¼? mono cable.

Switch from passive to active mode. Some active basses can have a hotter signal output which can make the amplifier distort early (feel free to use it on Passive mode even with active basses if such additional distortion is desired).

Engages the Microtubes Engine? to add natural compression, organic harmonic enhancement, and saturation ranging from mild overdrive to high gain bass rage. The Microtubes Engine operates before the clean section (you can, therefore, use the 4 Band Active EQ for additional tone shaping in addition to the Tone knob described below).

Sets the Microtubes Engine?s distortion level. Ranging from soft, warm overdrive to devastating saturation plus everything in between.

Controls the high harmonic content of the Microtubes Engine via a variable low pass filter: crank it up for additional attack and definition or dim it down for a smoother sound. This is handy when running bright EQ settings or cabinets with tweeters.

Controls the Microtubes Engine?s output volume.

Mixes between the Clean and Distortion signals (Microtubes Engine).

Selects between two overdrive circuits: B3K mode will deliver an aggressive, percussive sound while the VMT will bring up the mids for a warmer, more neutral character.

Changes the volume of the signal driving the Active 4 Band EQ. You can set it low for cleaner tone or set it higher for more aggressive growl.

+-12dB at 80Hz. Changes the low content of the signal.
Low Mids

+-12dB of the selected frequency via the LOW MIDS ? switch (described below).
Low Mids ?

Use this switch to change the frequency of the low mid band between 250Hz and 500Hz.
Hi Mids

+-12dB of the selected frequency via the HI MIDS ? switch (described below).
Hi Mids ?

Use this switch to change the frequency of the hi mid band between 1.5kHz and 3kHZ.

+-12dB at 5kHz. Changes the high content of the signal.

Controls the overall volume of the amplifier. This control does not affect DI output or effects loop level.

Mutes the amplifier.

The Footswitch jack allows you to remotely engage and disengage the Microtubes Engine via our Intelligent Footswitch (sold separately). Hold the footswitch to Mute the amplifier. The VMT/B3K push button will remain operational with the Intelligent Footswitch plugged in.
* Use a regular mono instrument cable to connect the amplifier to the footswitch.
* Remove the cable from the footswitch jack in the rear panel if you want to control the amp from the front panel.
* The Microtubes 500 will only work with our proprietary Intelligent Footswitch or Super Intelligent Footswitch (both sold separately). A generic Footswitch will not work with the Microtubes 500.

23.2x19x7.3 mm (9.13×7.48×2.87 in)

· Do not open the amplifier. No user serviceable parts inside

· Make sure the voltage selector switch on the right side panel is set properly (115V/230V) before plugging the amplifier on the AC outlet.

· Never use the amplifier in a high moisture environment or near liquids.

· The Microtubes 500 can deliver more than 115 dB of SPL. Exposure to this level of sound can damage your hearing. Use proper hearing protection if you will be exposed.

· The Microtubes 500 can deliver up to 750 Watts of output power for a short period of time. Be sure that your speaker cabinet is rated to handle the power.

· Do not cover the vent holes. The Fan and vent holes are part of the cooling system of the amplifier. Covering the vent holes can produce overheating of the power amplifier damaging it.

· Do not use an instrument cable as speaker cable. Instrument cables are not designed to deliver power signals going from the amplifier to the speaker. Using an instrument cable can cause damage to the amplifier and the cable.

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