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Dynaudio LYD 5

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Dynaudio LYD 5

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Aktiv närfältsmonitor. 5? bas och 1,1? soft-dome diskant. 100 W Class-D förstärkare. För hemstudion eller mindre projektstudios.

The LYD 5 is our premium small-format near-field monitor. With its low volume precision, LYD is the perfect fit for smaller setups and home studios. LYD uses lightweight aluminium wire and voice coils in its handmade drive units, along with a state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier with a 96 kHz / 24bit signal path and DSP used just right to provide outstanding performance.

The aluminium voice coil and wire are low mass so its transient response is quick and accurate. To ensure the ideal mix between stiffness, weight, and dampening for unrivalled accuracy, we mould the diaphragm and dust cap in one piece with our proprietary Magnesium Silicate Polymer.

Design Principles
Dynaudio monitors are designed to speak the truth so you get exactly what you need: an exact reproduction of your mix. Great mixing derives from attention to detail while striving for a final mix that goes way beyond the sum of its parts. We believe that the same principle applies when designing ultimate monitors.

Utmost care in selection of materials and production combined with the industry's most thorough and extensive testing program allow our monitors to achieve 100 percent consistency - not just between different pairs, but also when crossing pairs or relying on pairs in different locations.

And due to our unique driver technology our monitors are neutral and uncolored. The smooth clarity in combination with the outstanding dynamic capabilities of our monitors ensure that you can work long hours without ear fatigue.


Typ - 2-vägs aktiv närfält
Frekvensomfång - 50 Hz - 22 kHz
Bas - 5"
Diskant - 28 mm Soft Dome
Ingångar - XLR bal., RCA obal.
Förstärkare - HF 50W/LF 50W Class-D

Mått - 170 x 260 x 211mm
Vikt - 5.7kg

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