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Supro Saturn Reverb

16 250 kr

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Supro Saturn Reverb

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Saturn Reverb är en rördriven 15 Watts komboförstärkare med 1st. 12 tums högtalare. Den har 1 kanal med inbyggt rördrivet tremolo och reverb.

The 1648RT Saturn Reverb amplifier is a future-retro amplifier designed for the working player who needs a lightweight, vintage-flavored amp with world-class tube reverb. This 15-Watt, Class-A 1×12 luxury combo is powered by a pair of 6973 tubes with a 5U4 tube rectifier?giving you the ultimate in tactile response and signature Supro breakup at manageable gigging volume.

The Saturn Reverb?s amazingly low noise floor makes this amp perfect for players who prefer to crank the amp and use the guitar?s volume knob to control texture and dynamics. Independent TREBLE and BASS controls allow the musician to fine tune the frequency response of the preamp to accommodate a wide range of pickups and varied stage environments.

The Saturn Reverb?s blue rhino hide tolex, vintage-correct cabinetry and fundamental circuit topology are all drawn from the original Supro Reverb combos of the mid 60?s. Like its ancestors, the new Saturn Reverb?s power-tube tremolo comes after the reverb pan, lending an ethereal shake and wobble to the enveloping wash of tube-driven spring reverb. The Supro Saturn Reverb?s four-spring, 17? long reverb pan and all-tube reverb drive and recovery stages provide warm and smooth ?verb that ?surrounds the note? without getting in the way, even when the amplifier is cranked all the way up for maximum grind.


- Class-A Cathode-biased vintage design
- Independent BASS and TREBLE controls
- All-tube reverb
- Output-tube tremolo
- 15 Watts, Tube-Rectified
- 4x 12AX7
- 1x 12AT7
- 2x 6973 Power tubes
-1x 5U4
- 1×12 Supro DT12 speaker
- Cab size: 23 5/8? x 16? x 10 1/2?
- 40 lbs
- Blue Rhino Hide Tolex
- Assembled in NY, USA

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